Financial Intelligence Agency

Signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the Financial Intelligence Agency (FIA) and the National Chamber of Notaries (NCN)

The Financial Intelligence Agency (FIA), represented by the General Director Mr. Ervin Koçi and the National Chamber of Notaries (NCHN), represented by the President Mrs. Mimoza Sadushaj, signed on 07.05.2024, the Cooperation Agreement “On the Reporting of Currency Transactions by Notaries and granting the right to consult the acts in the NISA system of the National Chamber of Notaries”.

This cooperation agreement, aims the standardization of the reporting form of Currency Transaction Reports (CTR) by “Notaries” in accordance with the legal obligations of the law 9917/2008 “On the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing”, as amended, as well as granting the right of access to FIA to consult the notarial acts that are reported in the NISA system, a system administered by NCHN.

Thanks to this cooperation agreement, Reporting of CTRs by Notaries will now be carried out through the NISA electronic system to the Financial Intelligence Agency’s electronic system, thus continuing in line with new technological and interaction through digital developments, as well as in increasing efficiency and inter-institutional cooperation in the joint fight to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing.

The General Director of FIA, during the conclusion of the cooperation agreement, among other things, emphasized that in exercising the powers of the responsible authority, a special focus is devoted to increasing the cooperation and efficiency of the partnership with the private sector, in this case with the reporting entities “Notary”. In this context, it is worth noting that through this cooperation agreement, made possible thanks to the development of technological processes, to respond in real time to the challenges in the field of money laundering and terrorism financing and allow FIA to bring this cooperation in line with the best international standards and practices.

The General Director of FIA expressed his appreciation for the professional work of NCHN staff as well as the timely and qualitative implementation of the interaction processes within this cooperation agreement.