Financial Intelligence Agency

International Cooperation

In the framework of the implementation of international standards of the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, the Albanian Financial Intelligence Unit (AIF) cooperates with a number of counterpart units around the world. In fulfillment of its mission, this NIF has signed a series of memoranda, Memoranda of Understanding (MoU).

Albanian legislation does not prevent bilateral or multilateral exchange of information related to suspected activities such as money laundering or terrorist financing, therefore the AIF can exchange information with any counterpart unit that will request cooperation. In the event that the legislation of any of the countries of the counterpart units with which AIF seeks to cooperate, prevents the free exchange of information, there is a need to sign Memorandums of Understanding, which provide for cooperation in relation to the exchange of information on matters of transactions of suspicions that may be related to financial crimes such as money laundering, financing of various terrorist activities and other related crimes.

Signing of the MoU with Poland

The counterpart NIF undertakes to provide all the information they possess regarding the investigated issues, but in case this information is not enough, they can request further information from other specialized state structures. For the exchange of information collected by state structures (other than NIF) a Memorandum of Cooperation between counterparts is needed, which, in turn, can be signed only in case of an agreement, mutual assistance between the legal structures of the states.

More other countries, members of the Egmont Group, whose legislation does not prevent the exchange of information, cooperation is realized by means of ESW (Egmont Secure Web) without the prior signing of an MoU being necessary.

The first Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Slovenia on January 30, 2003. Then followed a series of other cooperations that were followed by the signing of Cooperation Memorandums. To date, 43 MoUs have been signed with the counterpart units.