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Security Council ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee amends changes to its sanctions list


On 31 January 2021, the Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions 1267 (1999), 1989 (2011) and 2253 (2015) regarding ISIL (Da’esh), Al-Qaeda and associated individuals, groups, enterprises and entities amended the entries below in the Sanctions List of individuals and entities subject to the asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo set out in paragraph 1 of Security Council resolution 2368 (2017) under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. The records were amended following the 2019 Annual Review conducted in accordance with paragraph 86 of the resolution 2368 (2017).

QDi.006 QDi.012 QDi.015 QDi.029 QDi.057 QDi.126 QDi.135 QDi.141 QDi.150 QDi.154 QDi.155 QDi.184 QDi.208 QDi.217

QDi.219 QDi.222 QDi.223 QDi.226 QDi.244 QDi.251 QDi.268 QDi.282 QDi.292 QDi.293 QDi.295 QDi.299 QDi.296 QDi.298

QDi.328 QDi.333 QDi.338 QDi.343 QDi.344 QDi.345 QDi.348 QDi.349 QDi.350 QDi.355 QDi.356 QDi.357 QDi.358 QDi.359

QDi.360 QDi.363 QDi.364 QDi.365 QDi.367 QDi.368 QDi.371 QDi.372 QDi.336 QDi.377 QDe.001 QDe.002 QDe.003 QDe.004

QDe.006 QDe.007 QDe.008 QDe.010 QDe.011 QDe.012 QDe.014 QDe.019 QDe.021 QDe.070 QDe.088 QDe.089 QDe.090 QDe.092

QDe.098 QDe.100 QDe.101 QDe.104 QDe.106 QDe.108 QDe.109 QDe.110 QDe.111 QDe.112 QDe.113 QDe.114 QDe.115 QDe.116

QDe.118 QDe.119 QDe.130 QDe.131 QDe.132 QDe.147