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High-level meeting of the member countries of the Moneyval committee of the Council of Europe.

On April 25, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland it was organized the high-level meeting of the member states and territories of MONEYVAL which were engaged in the effectiveness of the mechanisms and policies to prevent money, terrorism financing and mass destruction weapons

In this meeting, Albania was represented by the General Director of the General Directorate for the Prevention of Money Laundering, in the capacity of the Chairman of the Delegation to this Committee.

The ministries that cover the field of the prevention of money laundering to the member states and territories of MONEYVAL approved the Declaration dated on April 25, 2023, where it is generally underlined that “…. illegal financing constitutes a great threat for economic development and countries security, emphasizing the necessity to take measures against money laundering and terrorism financing. Ministers are aware that they need to increase their levels of anti-money laundering and terrorism financing measures and are committed to strengthening the compliance and effectiveness of legal mechanisms in their five years. have shown an overall positive performance of its members regarding international cooperation and information exchange.

The full text is published on the Moneyval website -and-financing of terrorism-1