Financial Intelligence Agency

Coordination meeting with representatives of the EU Delegation, the EU4LEA2 project and GIZ

On the date 28.05.2024, in the premises of the Financial Intelligence Agency (FIA), a coordination meeting was held with representatives of the EU Delegation in Albania, representatives of the EU4LEA2 project and the German Government Support Agency in Albania – GIZ, with the aim of setting areas of cooperation and assistance in the framework of this project.

The EU4LEA2 project is a technical assistance project funded by the EU that aims to support various institutions in Albania, including the FIA, with the aim of increasing the performance of the institutions, in compliant with the best European practices and standards.

The General Director of AIF at the opening of this meeting expressed his heartfelt thanks for the very fruitful and effective cooperation and assistance that FIA has benefited over the years in the framework of the projects financed by the EU, by GIZ as well as in the framework of the first phase of implementation of the EU4LEA project.

In the following, AIF presented in detail the needs for support, targeting the main areas that help in the analysis of suspicious cases of money laundering, investments in hardware systems as well as training in specific areas with interest, to increase the professional capacities of employees of AIF.

The representatives of the EU Delegation and the EU4LEA2 project showed interest in the needs presented by AIF and confirmed the goals of the EU4LEA2 project, to support institutions with a special focus on the fight against organized crime and corruption. As the phases of the project progress, the parties will coordinate among themselves, so that the assistance provided will further increase the institutional capacities of AIF.

At the end of this meeting, the General Director expressed his gratitude to the international partners for their commitment and continuous support to assist the Financial Intelligence Agency.