The GDPML objectives for 2020 are:

  • Coordination of measures in the Albanian system of the prevention and tackling of ML/FT;
  • Reporting to ICRG/FATF;
  • Carrying out risk analysis for specific sectors;
  • Further improvement of IT infrastructure;
  • Further consolidation of the ML/FT risk based supervision of the reporting entities and closer cooperation with the supervisory authorities;
  • Continuous provision of quality for the reporting entities and GDPML staff;


The consolidation of GDPML in ten years of its existence and the heretofore achievements, constitute a steady ground for coping with current challenges and implementation of the strategic objectives of the Albanian Government in the framework of the fight against economic and financial crime in general and money laundering and financing terrorism in particular.

The major obligations of the country in the process of European Union integration, the implementation of international standards and the recommendations made in this direction will be the main pillars on which lies the fulfillment of the following objectives for 2012:

  • Strengthening and further improvement of inter-institutional cooperation in terms of providing expertise for the institutions involved in the fight against money laundering, accelerating the exchange of information and statistical reconciliation for cases referred to law enforcement institutions;
  • Further harmonization of the legislation of money laundering and terrorism financing prevention with the international standards of Financial Action Task Force and with Acquis Communautaire;
  • Exigent implementation, in cooperation with other state institutions, of the National Strategic Document “For the investigation of financial crime and its action plan”;
  • Further outreach to reporting entities regarding compliance with their legal obligations;
  • Cooperation with supervisory and licensing authorities, in accordance with their relevant features and performance of joint training and inspections;
  • Earnest engagement and participation in the activities of relevant international organizations and participation in working groups responsible for the drafting of trends and typologies reports.

The fulfillment of these objectives will increase the effectiveness of preventative regime against money laundering and financing of terrorism in the country, by providing to the law enforcement agencies thorough and qualitative financial analysis in the framework of the fight against organized crime.