On 02/10/2015, in the premises of the General Directorate for the Prevention of Money Laundering (GDPML), it was held the meeting of the Inter-Institutional Technical Group for the Coordination of the Fight Against Money Laundering, which operates under the provisions of Law No. 9917 dated 19.05.2008 “For the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing” as amended.

This meeting was attended by experts from the Bank of Albania, the State Information Service, the General Prosecution Office, the General Directorate of State Police, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Finance, HIDAACI and GDPML.

The program of the meeting included issues dealing with the proccess of reviewing national risk assessment of money laundering and terrorism financing in Albania; the monitoring progress of our country by international organizations (FATF, MONEYVAL Committee of the Council of Europe); the increased capacity of institutions to the implementation of international recommendations of FATF and the trainings which will be organized for this purpose; the undertaking by the competent authorities (State Police, Prosecution Office) of parallel financial investigations for criminal offenses by which are provided illicit incomes; the review of existing manuals and procedures of the financial investigation and the improvement of legal basis in the function of the effective implementation of international sanctions in the field of terrorism financing.