On the 26 of February 2014, the General Director of GDPML Mr. Genti Gazheli held a meeting with representatives of the OSCE presence in Albania. This meeting was aimed at further enhancement of the level of cooperation and assistance of OSCE, with respect to the risk assessment of money laundering and financing of terrorism issues in our country, the implementation of the FATF recommendations regarding Politically Exposed Persons, the provision of European expertise on the best international practices and their concrete application in Albania and also the organization of joint training activities for the reporting subjects of the law on the prevention of money laundering. The General Director emphasized the unwavering commitment of the Albanian Government and the continuous support it affords to the GDPML in fulfilling its mission as the National Financial Intelligence Unit. In conclusion the parties agreed to undertake concrete steps in the near future vis a vis the fulfillment of the tasks emanating from the aforementioned issues.