On 05/27/2014, GDPML held a working meeting with representatives of the EU Delegation and the diplomatic corps in Tirana. Such meeting was held for the first time and was attended by the General Prosecutor. The Head of GDPML Mr. Genti Gazheli, presented the work done during this year as well as his top priorities in the further development of this institution in the future. In his speech, he highlighted the support that the Albanian Government gives to GDPML work in the context of the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing (FAML/TF) as high-risk phenomena on an international level and expressed his commitment, in connection with the further increase of the role of the Directorate in this regard.

The attendance was introduced the concrete report on the work done as well as the issues related to the proactive work of GDPML, its concrete cooperation with the competent authorities, risk assessment at country level, supervision of the reporting entities and assessed the quantitative and qualitative growth of work during this period. These developments in their perspectives certainly constitute important premises for fulfilling the functions of this directorate in cooperation with the competent authorities inside the country as well as the partner financial intelligence units in international level. The GDPML and General Prosecution experts answered many questions on the report, inter-institutional cooperation and explained the measures taken in the context of meeting the international standards of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

The representatives of the European Delegation presented an overview of the so far work in the framework of twinning projects in function of the investigation of economical-financial crimes in general and especially FAML/TF. The member countries expressed their willingness to further support the work of this directorate in order to increase the capacity for the prevention and fight against crime as a key factor in the way of integration into the European Union. In this context, GDPML will be one of the beneficiary institutions of the project in the framework of IPA2013, which will affect the further consolidation of human and technical capacities.