Focusing on the implementation of the international recommendations for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing, the General Directorate for the Prevention of Money Laundering (GDPML) cooperates with all its counterparts around the world and in pursuance of its mission GDPML has signed with some of them a series of Memoranda of Understanding (MoU).

AML/CFT legislation in Albania allow bilateral or multilateral exchange of information concerning the activities which are suspected of money laundering or terrorism financing, as a result GDPML can exchange information with each partner FIU as needed. If the legislation of any of the countries’ FIUs with which GDPML seeks to cooperate, prevents the free exchange of information, then rises the need of signing Memoranda of Understanding, which provide cooperation regarding the exchange of information on suspicious transactions issues that may relate to financial crimes such as money laundering, financing of various terrorist activities and other related crimes.

The partner FIUs undertake to provide all the available information concerning investigated cases, and if this is deemed insufficient they may require further information from other competent state bodies. For the exchange of information collected by the state structures.

In many other countries, members of the Egmont Group, whose legislation does not prevent the exchange of information, the cooperation is conducted through ESW (Egmont Secure Web) without the requiring the signing of an MoU.

GDPML signed its first MoU on 30 January 2003 with Slovenian FIU, that was followed with the signature of other memoranda thereafter, reaching the current number of 43 signed MoUs with partner FIUs.