February 27, 2019 Elton Laci


The General Director of the General Directorate for the Prevention of Money Laundering (GDPML), Mr. Genti Gazheli has had continuous meetings with directors of the State Institutions that are under the legal obligation to report suspicious transactions. In relation to this issue, The General Director on the 18th of February 2014 held meetings with Messrs. Enis Hoxha, deputy Registrar General of the Immovable Property Registration Office (IPRO) and Endri Ducka, Director of Public Property Management Directorate at the Ministry of Finance of Albania (PPMD) in the position of the State Authority for the Management and Sale of the Public Property.

The topic of the meetings was mainly the necessity of intensifying the cooperation between the GDPML as the State Authority on the issues of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism and IPRO and PPMD, in observance of the legal compliance of their operation to the anti money laundering laws and directives.

This meeting was called in order to deal with the concerns and problems addressed by the GDPML.

Mr. Gazheli, after thanking the directors for fully appreciating the issues concerning the observance of the legal compliance of their work, highlighted the mutual interest in cooperating in the struggle against money laundering, given the fact that it is a well known practice in our country the alteration of public and private property titles through corrupt practices and also the investment of crime related funds in real estate.

Messrs Enis Hoxha and Ducka expressed their complete understanding of the issues raised in the meeting and their commitment to further intensify their work and attention concerning the preventive measures to be taken and reporting all to GDPML. Besides raising the awareness of their own employees, they agreed to organise ad hoc meetings/trainings concerning the money laundering issues.

In mutual agreement and aiming to coordinate the trainings, awareness-raising and examinations work for the increased detection and reporting of suspicious activities, it was agreed that, besides designation of contact persons with GDPML, these meetings should be held periodically