Financial Intelligence Agency

Inter – Institutional Cooperation

In the framework of the Technical Working Group, which includes representatives from the General Directorate of Taxes, the General Directorate of Customs, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the State Information Service, the Bank of Albania, 8 meetings were held, in which the issues were addressed undersigned:

  • Cooperation within the framework of the National Program for controlling the movement of cash currency in the Republic of Albania and reducing the use of physical money.
  • Cooperation with the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office.
  • Increased reporting by ZQRPs and the Chamber of Notaries.
  • Deepening of cooperation with the General Prosecutor’s Office and SHISH, even during the investigation period for suspicious cases.
  • Organization of joint inspections with the Bank of Albania;
  • Acquaintance of collaborating Institutions with the innovations brought by the new law on ML/FT.
  • Continuous information on the progress of the twinning project with BKA.
  • Increasing speed and accuracy in information exchange.
  • The possibility of access by the DPP to the databases of state bodies and public registers.
  • Drafting of a medium-term and long-term national strategy for the prevention of money laundering and the fight against the financing of terrorism.
  • The frequent meetings with representatives of the Money Laundering Sector in the Directorate of Economic and Financial Crime in the General Directorate of the State and Regional Police of Tirana have been quite fruitful, considering the fact that a large part of the cases sent by for further investigations have been finalized by these bodies with referrals to the Prosecutor’s Office. In these meetings, often weekly, the issues under investigation are jointly discussed, sharing experience, eliminating bureaucracy and creating a new spirit of cooperation.
  • The cooperation with the Joint Investigative Unit (JIU) during this year has been among the most effective, bearing its fruits in the numerous cases referred to this unit. Joint training seminars were organized with representatives of the unit, DPP and OPDAT. The DPP has offered its cooperation not only to the JIU and the Prosecutor’s Office of Tirana, but also to the prosecutor’s offices of the districts, such as Shkodër, Durrës, Gjirokastër.
  • A considerable amount of work has been done by the DPP in collecting and analyzing financial information, in response to the requests received from the General Prosecutor’s Office and the prosecutor’s offices of various districts. The number of these requests, as shown in the graph above, was 45 during 2008. This cooperation was provided quickly and professionally, this fact was confirmed at the next meeting of the KBLKPP, by the General Prosecutor.
  • In the same way, the head of the Joint Investigative Unit has appreciated several times the intensive cooperation with the DPP, the initiation of many cases of criminal proceedings on the basis of our referrals. In this joint investigative unit, the DPP has its own representative, who plays the role of coordinator and special liaison.
  • The mutual exchange of information with the State Intelligence Service has grown, especially in the second half of the year, extending not only to the issues of financing terrorism, but also to those of money laundering. This cooperation is best reflected in the continuous correspondence. The priority for the DPP remains the fight against the financing of terrorism. This is reflected in the continuous monitoring of the updated black lists of the UN Security Council, in the banking system and other subjects of the law. It cooperated with SHISH, on various issues related to FT. From the suspicious activity reports received from the second level banks, one case was referred to SHISH for further investigation (suspected individual as part of the blacklist), and one case was sent to the State Police. for an Albanian citizen who wanted to make a transfer to Pakistan in the direction of an individual suspected of being a terrorist.
  • With the creation as a separate structure, under the Ministry of Finance, of the Seized and Confiscated Assets Administration Agency (AAPSK), the cooperation between our two institutions has increased. By order of the Minister of Finance, the Special Group was created for the taking over of seized assets pursuant to the seizure orders of the Minister of Finance (since 2004). During 2008, the Technical Group created within the Advisory Committee, of which the DPP is also a member, started its work. The General Directorate of Customs has created a special sector for Money Laundering issues, which will undoubtedly strengthen and increase cooperation, making possible the addition of RAD reports from this Directorate. Agreements have been drawn up and sent to partner institutions such as the General Directorate of Taxes and the General Directorate of Customs for the access of our Directorate to the database that these directorates have. This has been the topic of many meetings held and one of the tasks left by the Prime Minister at the meeting of the Coordinating Committee of the Fight against Money Laundering. It remains one of the priorities for 2009.
    The cooperation with DPT was not at the right levels, the Suspicious Activity reports are very few in number, the Central Unit did not function, the contact persons were constantly changed, creating difficulties in the cooperation between our two institutions.
  • For the first time in 2008, the High Inspectorate of Assets Control Declaration has sent a suspicious activity report to our Directorate. The information contained was accurate and with sufficient elements of doubt. During the year, we have had continuous collaborations with this institution, both in the requests we addressed to them, and in the incoming responses.